Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eli's Jungle Book

Eli loves the movie Jungle Book so when we decided to vacation at Myrtle Beach, Burt and Christy suggested (insisted) that we go to Preservation Station (they had been there before).
It was a great suggestion. Eli was fasinated with the animals and we were anxious to see how he would react to having them next to him. Here are the results.

Of course we all had to get into the act.

This was another great memory for our family vacation.


christy said...

Still my favorite part of the trip!! Well besides the harmonica!

Gram said...

The great thing about being 2 1/2 is that you don't know to be afraid of the animals you love on TV. He looks like he is loving it. I hope someone got video of Eli playing the harmonica. He played "Happy Birthday" for me on my special day on Skype!

nikki said...

Thanks for posting them... It was so much fun!

thanks Burt & Christy

Matt and Betty Morris said...

That looked AMAZING!!! And so much fun! I loved all the pictures on yours and Nikki's blog. I can't wait to see you again. I miss you and love you Sharon!

amy said...

those pics are great! can't believe that baby tiger was THAT big!! i don't know if Trip & Quinn would have been that brave!