Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

O.K. so I'm trying to catch up with all my blogs at one time.
Anyway, we spent Memorial Day weekend with Nikki, Josh, Eli, Burt and Christy in Buford. On Saturday, we had a picnic lunch at Mulberry Park and just as we arrived, it started raining. But that didn't put a damper on our fun. We ate and then spent time at the playground and walking around the park. Here are some pics from our picnic. As you can see, a little water didn't stop Eli from enjoying the slide.

A little water didn't stop Nikki from enjoying the playground either!

Josh has been having more than his share of "problems" with his jeep and it was about time for him to get another vehicle. So...on Sunday he bought a Mazda 3. A great gas saver and as Eli said, " it's cute".

On Monday, we spent the day relaxing and working around the house. I helped Nikki plant some new flowers and the guys cleaned gutters and the house (lots of fun and mess). After lunch we walked up to the center of town and watched part of the Georgia Cup bicycle race. It was a great afternoon.

I look forward to spending more days like this.


nikki said...

We did have a great time!! very relaxing weekend! I won't forget that you posted that photo of me!!! Revenge is sweet!

Gram said...

All the photos are great but thanks for posting the one of Nikki. It seems like she is always behind the camera instead of in front :)

amy said...

seriously, what is nikki even doing in that picture?? thanks for the posts!!!