Friday, August 8, 2008


For those of you who know I have carved a horse which is on the Coolidge Park Carousel, I now have completed another animal, a baby rhinocerous, for the newest carousel in Chattanooga at the Warner Park Zoo.

It has taken me approximately 2 1/2 years (speed is not my strong point) but I'm quite proud of the completed project.

Here is the project as it developed over time.

Beginning the bare wood requires lots of fitting and sanding.

Next, I apply 3 coats of primer.

A hole is drilled for the tail which is made out of aluminum so it isn't easily broken. Then lots of patching and smoothing.

Finally the painting begins.

The detailed painting takes lots of blending and smoothing to create realistic textures.

Finally, the STAR OF THE SHOW!!

I also took pictures of some of the other beautiful animals which help make this carousel one-of-a-kind.

Please come to Chattanooga and visit our newest addition.


Matt and Betty Morris said...

SHARON!!!!!!! Ronnie B looks absolutely amazing!!!! I can not wait to see him! Next, of course, I expect pictures of Eli on Ronnie! Has he seen Ronnie yet?

Gram said...

The carousel is amazing, especially Ronnie B! I put a short video of Eli riding Ronnie B. on my blog -