Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Old becomes New

60 years ago my dad built a wood frame house that has stood the test of time. Considering that my dad only had a 5th grade education he was a remarkable craftsman. As a child I thought there wasn't anything he couldn't build or fix and as I grew older he proved that to me time and time again.

Well as we all know, nothing lasts forever. Since my dad's death 11 years ago (that seems impossible) the house has had very little maintenance done and it had begun to show the age. So after many weeks and months of trying to convince my mother that something needed to be done so she could continue to stay there, she agreed to have new windows and siding put on the house.

WHAT AN AMAZING CHANGE. She is so proud and so are we. The style has stayed the same as when my dad built it but now it will be there for many more years.

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