Monday, June 22, 2009

The Long Wait is Over!!!

Friday, June 19 may not have been remarkable for most of you but for the Finley family it certainly was. The occasion was greatly anticipated and turned out to be everything we were hoping and praying for. Both our beautiful grandaughters arrived healthy and Mom held up great through the C-section.

Here are both girls after they had their baths. Dad and I watched closely to what went on in the nursery.

The new (and improved) Puckett Family.

Mammie meets the girls.

These have to be the proudest Aunt and Uncle in the world!!

Of course, big brother is totally amazed by his sisters.

Mammie and Pawpaw with their "Grand" Children.

And then finally, introducing:
Annabel June (on the left) and Harper Naomi (on the right).

The most wonderful part of age and time: GRANDCHILDREN.

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Susan said...

Great pictures of precious children! Glad everyone is healthy.