Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a mixture of emotions this year.
Ron and I missed Mammaw but enjoyed spending the day with Burt, Christy, Josh, Nikki and Eli.

The kids surprised me with a Garden kart (so I can sit when I work with my flowers) and also a Tulip Tree.

When Ron and I moved to Slygo, we had 114 trees in our yard but due to age and storms, those trees have now been reduced to 8 original trees and 5 we have planted ourselves. So gradually we are hoping to have a shady yard again. This new tree will hopefully grow to become a wonderful addition. Thank you kids for choosing the perfect gifts!!

These are the beautiful roses Ron surprised me with.

And last but not least, Eli painted me a garden stake (with Mom's help). I'm waiting until he can come and help me place it in the most perfect spot.

What a wonderful day!!!

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