Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Springtime Storms

Along with the beautiful flowers of spring, come the rains and the storms. This year has been particularly prone to sudden flooding and winds. Easter Sunday was no exception. As we slept, the winds did damage to areas around us and as daylight broke we began to see just exactly what had happened. No rain (at least not much) but wind shears up to 65 mph. These pics are from the surrounding area in Slygo.

But it appears that even though there was damage and power loss (37 hours for us) we were very fortunate.
These are pictures from my mom's back yard. This tree is approximately 10 feet from the garage and 15 feet from her house. As you can see, the wind took it away from the house and the damage was minimal.

Some call it luck, but I think the hand of GOD protected the house.

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