Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crossville Scrappers

Spring wouldn't be complete without taking a trip to Crossville with my Scrapbook girlfriends. We spent 4 days/3 nights doing nothing but eating, sleeping and scrapbooking (well maybe a little TV and adult beverage too).

This was the condo where the 4 of us spent a wonderful weekend. Sharon Powell was our hostess (Thanks Sharon and Scotty).

Does it look like we took enough Scrapbook (!?#!) stuff?

And after we unpacked and got started.....

This was my workstation and as you can see not everyone makes the mess that I do. (They say that a disorganized space is the the sign of a intelligent mind . . . Oh yeah, that's what I have!). Anyway, the others have been doing this a lot longer and they really know how to keep things in their place (I kept losing my adhesive).

Sharon had a little therapy she did each night. (This was not a Scrapbook related injury!!)

Then we started cleaning up the mess and packing our beautiful pages to get ready to return home. It took me 10 minutes to make a mess and 6 hours to clean it up.

We had a wonderful time, delicious food, and we all are looking forward to this "annual" trek to Crossville, TN.

Left to right...Front..Sharon Hutchens, Sharon Powell
Back, Sharon Finley and Beverly Gilmore (nickname..Sharon).

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