Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday

Today is a special day..no not the new President but the 80th birthday of my aunt Edna Earl Callaham. She has had some real health issues the latter part of 2008 but as of now she is recovering and regaining her strength. We are so grateful that she is improving each day and very glad my mom and I we were able to celebrate today with her at her home in Gadsden, AL.

I took her some flowers from my family.

Here she is with her husband, Earl (50+ years of marriage).

Here are the 3 children of the Crowe Family. Delorus (82 years), Edna (80 years), and Kenneth (68 years).


Gram said...

Happy Birthday, Edna Earl! Sharon you sure come from good genes. Neither your mother nor Edna Earl look anywhere near their 80s.

L said...

Great photo. Wish I could have been there.