Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Masters

As most of you know, Ron is totally in love with Golf. So after watching The Masters for 37 years and hearing "one of these days", Christmas day 2007, I gave him a ticket, along with Burt and Josh.

Christmas morning was such an exciting moment when they opened their surprises (Nikki and Christy were in on it with me). So all they had to do was wait until April.

Here are their pictures of The Masters Par 3 round on Wednesday, April 9. The weather turned out perfect and I think, so did the day!!!


Gram said...

That was a wonderful Christmas present! I know Josh had a great time and it looks like Ron and Burt did too.

amy said...

the pics are great! i know josh was so excited to go! what a great suprise for them back on Christmas morning!

the pics are great! thanks for sharing!